Bridge Up Brewing Microbrewery in Door County, WI


Bridge Up Brewing knows that beer is like chili, everyone likes something different. With that in mind, we focus on having a range of styles and flavor profiles in hopes of having something on tap that will appeal to everyone.

The fact that we brew in small batches means we will always have new beers to try. We are a "brewery for the people" so feedback and suggestions truly drive our offerings and brewing schedule. We want to know what styles of beer you prefer, so that we can do our best to make that available to you as often as we can.

You may not always see the latest trends in the craft beer industry, simply because our focus is on brewing beer that people want to drink and beer that tastes great, because at the end of the day, isn't that why we order a beer?

Brewing with local ingredients and collaborating with other Door County businesses and incorporating their products into our recipes is important to us. This allows us to truly offer beers that showcase all of what Door County has to offer.

At the end of the day when you think of Bridge Up Brewing, we want you to think..."that was some really good beer".

Brewing our beer for the people!

We love when people stop in at our brewery to see what it going on. Take a quick tour of our Door County brewery or talk beer with Trent Snyder, our brewmaster. Have suggestions on what we should be on tap next? Stop by and let us know! We're a brewery for the people and wouldn't be here without you.


The Bridge Up Brewing story and brand is and continues to be a truly organic one.

I had recently moved back to Door County with my wife and two daughters (I lived here through elementary school and my family owned a small business in Fish Creek for 28 years) and was looking for a job that would allow me to immerse myself back into the culture and the community that was such an amazing part of my childhood.

I got a call from my realtor who told me his brother, (Jason Estes - owner of Sonny's Pizzeria) wanted to open a small brewing operation and serve beer at Sonny's. He remembered that I had been a home brewer and spent some time in and around the brewing community in the Twin Cities, and asked if Jason could call me. A phone conversation with Jason around the brewing process and requirements led to a face to face meeting at Sonny's to look at available space for what could be a brewery. It felt very consultative in nature until the end of the meeting when Jason said..."Well, I think you are the right guy for the job." At no point did I ever think this was any kind of an interview - but I am so grateful that it was.

The next few months were filled with investigating and buying brewing equipment, building relationships with grain and hop providers and designing recipes that would become our first couple beers. But we needed a name and a brand...a hugely important and vital part of the business. I spent weeks compiling potential brewery names and filling a notebook with ideas and concepts that would become our brand and approach to brewing and offering great tasting beer to the people of Door County.

After narrowing in on our top three brewery names, I was on my way to meet with Jason and a few managers at Sonny's, to decide on the name, only to get stuck behind a line of cars because the steel bridge was up. As I sat there, staring through the steel girders of the bridge across the canal at Sonny's, I thought to myself, "Man...I feel like this bridge goes up like 10 times a day". Immediately after that thought, I unzipped my backpack, took out my notebook and in big letters across the page wrote BRIDGE UP BREWING COMPANY.

Needless to say, Jason and the team loved it. So there you have it, Bridge Up Brewing Company. A small-batch, ego-free, craft brewery for the people of Door County that focuses on brewing varied, input-driven, ever-changing beer styles with appealing flavor profiles that are as unique, fun and memorable as Door County itself.

Did you say CROWLER?

Want to take your favorite Bridge Up Brewing beer home with you? Soon you will be able to! We're planning on launching take-home crowlers filled with your favorite Bridge Up brew later this year.


Bridge Up Brewing Brewmaster Trent

Never in my wildest dreams did I think I would be brewing beer for a living. It started as a hobby, then became somewhat of a passion, but always out of my garage or on my back deck and in Coleman coolers, gunky, dented kettles and propane-powered turkey fryers.

Beer has been somewhat of an evolutionary journey for me. It began with domestic lagers out of hand-pumped kegs at college parties or in the parking lot and inside Lambeau Field at various Packer games. I am lucky to have season tickets...Thanks Grampa!

From there, it blossomed into trying and brewing various IPAs as I began working and traveling, which afforded me a more varied introduction to the world of beer.

With the explosion of the craft beer industry and living for 23 years in the Twin Cities (a true craft beer mecca) I began rounding out my palette and my appreciation for every and all styles of beer.

Beer is a wonderful thing. So many new and unique styles, flavors and aromas. As my true appreciation for beer grew, so did my ability to brew better, more flavorful and exciting recipes. I don't think my beer journey is all that different than most people' sure has been a fun ride so far!

- Trent Snyder, Bridge Up Brewing brewmaster


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